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Instead of baking then delivering we bake your home delivered pizza while delivering, such that your pizza is ready just when it reaches you, so that you get your pizza 3 minutes and not 30 minutes out of the oven, so that you can enjoy a hot, fresh, gourmet pizza even in the comfort of your own home. Kirk out!

No, you don’t. Even though our pizzas reach you hotter and fresher and are made with only the highest quality ingredients, our prices are comparable even to most mass market pizza brands. That’s not all. Want to change the crust? No extra charge! Want to add a topping or two? It’s on us! No additional delivery, no additional packing, no additional tax charge! You pay what you see on the price list. Period!

Nope. We value that you chose us! We value the chance to serve you! We value your custom whatever it may be! We value you! And thus, even your smallest wish is our command! And you have more than three wishes ☺

Isn’t it cool ☺ On a more serious note, we aim to deliver delight at every point you interact with us, so we can hope to be your favorite pizza brand. This means delighting you when you visit our website, when you call our contact center, when you receive our van in your backyard, when you meet with our delivery divas, when you receive our packaging and of course when you experience our pizzas. Plus, terracotta is a whole lot pizza friendly, environmentally friendly, reusable and servable than the current options in circulation

What Our Customers are saying

MLT definitely gives the best pizza at home experience. The fact that it’s made right outside my home, I am assured that it’s complete fresh. Packaging is very interesting with terracotta plates (which then becomes a canvas for my 4 year old son to paint) and cloth to hold the pizzas. Taste is authentic and no other place can offer a better Neapoli pizza. I love their Popeye and Bianca pizzas. Recently tried their chocolate fudge cake which is outstanding.

The experience is innovative and the service is even better

The best pizza we ever had in (City)!! The pizza was so delicious and with just the perfect toppings could choose that we even ordered twice in the same day! It's amazing the concept of baking on the wheels.

Mlt pizzas are the absolute best pizzas I have ever had in my life! They have become an instant hit in all our gatherings. I’m a fan!

The Love triangle is such a fun concept. I’ve ordered from them multiple times and recently had them cater for a very special family gathering. The pizza recipes are simple and delicious and the ingredients taste fresh and totally worth it. Their pizzas definitely bring back some nostalgia from my European travels. I have already recommended them to so many friends of mine. Everything from deciding the menu to their service was such an easy experience. The packaging is also one of my favourite quirks and I’m totally a part of this love triangle !

Vishesh Gupta
Anurag Goel
Shilpa & Siddharth Mahajan
Ekansh Jain
Mahima Kapoor


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